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4m8sonly (For Mates Only) is different! My name is Eddie and when I relocated with work I left behind an established group of friends.

It was more of a blow than I realised at first, what with the excitement of moving to a new area and a new career. But slowly (by that I mean the first weekend!) I realised just how much I had lost.

What I needed was more new friends!

So I looked around the internet and it was all about dating, the few that offered the option of friendship seemed to use it as an add on to capture a few more members. Then came 'International'. Well I looked and found a new friend who was 3,000 miles away. So the local pub is out then....

Time to do something about it!

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Looking for Friends Online

What makes us different

For a start we are 'friendship only' so there's no confusion from day 1. Our administrators work hard and check every profile personally and they do it again if anything is edited or changed.

But we actually go a lot further than that! We are a UK only website so you can be assured that you do not correspond (even unknowingly) with anyone outside of the country.

Why do that? Because we are all about local friends!

Once you join you can login (after we check your profile!) and browse our other members. Your search results can be filtered so you can decide exactly who shows up.

So don't you get lots of random messages flying around and what if I want to decide who contacts me? Good point! We run a validated friends system and you can send or accept friends requests before there is any communication. Don't like the profile? Click 'decline'. Would like to get in touch? Click 'accept'. It's as easy as that!

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