Stay Safe On and Offline

4m8sonly is a genuine friendship site and we do everything we can to make it a safe and pleasant experience for everyone. But YOU have a part to play as well so please read these few notes and Stay Safe On and Offline.

Do Not Exchange Email Immediately
Keep what is private, private, at least until you have exchanged a few messages and met in the chat room

Follow Your Instincts
Not comfortable with the tone or general 'feel' of the exchange? You can remove a friend so they cannot message you further. You can block a member then they can no longer send friends requests. You can file an abuse report - we take these very seriously but you should feel able to click that button if you want to, it's 100% confidential.

If You Choose To Meet It Must Be A Public Place
Yes I know it's obvious but if the other person wants a more private venue DON'T DO IT. Expect both sides to let the other person know how they can be identified in a crowd if you like (that santa jumper - sticks out doesn't it...). But a true friend, the sort you want to meet, will expect you to be considerate about making them feel comfortable and safe. You should expect the same.

Had A Meet Up? All Good? Now Walk Away.
Real friends would never expect you to visit a private place after a public meeting straight away, everything that needs to be said to form a friendship can be said at a Coffee shop. Real friendship takes time, be good to yourself and fair to your new friend, don't rush. Meet again (and again) in public until you are 100% certain. Remember there are lots of things friends do without going back to your home.

If in doubt you can ask here.