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4M8sOnly is a UK only friendship only social network. We decided to make 4M8sOnly a UK only site because we are all about local friends. Because we have members from all over the UK there's a good chance you can 'find new friends in my area'.

Local friends is why we decided not to go international. If you meet a new friend then the same Country is a good start, right! 3,000 miles away might sound cool but that means the local pub or restaurant is out!

Because our search system allows you to narrow down the part of the UK where you live it enables our members to find someone nearby. You can choose a whole County or just City if you prefer. The wider you search the more potential friends you can find.

Friendship Only has worked for so many of our members to find a local friend. We never drift towards dating because we want the site to have a solid focus - helping people frind friends. Some sites mix friendship and dating to try and bring in a few more members. We don't do that!

Privacy these days is vital. You really don't want your details, however minor, shared with the world. Our data protection registration and strict privacy policy protects you from day 1. Ever noticed some sites actually display their members details on the public pages of the site? We never ever do that! We don't share members data or details in any way.

2,000,000 members and we have been going four weeks. Would you believe that? Neither would we! It's a little known fact that some sites use the same database, just with their own design and website name. You may think you are going somewhere new but if you check the small print it will often tell you it's part of a larger network. Go independent - that's us. We don't share our data nor do we take from others.

Validated friendships stop random and unwanted messages. This is a friendship site so we give you complete control over who can contact you. Once you send (or receive) a friendship request it has to be accepted. Only then can members communicate.

Modern sites like 4M8sOnly have to have modern ways of communicating. To avoid random unwanted messages we don't use external organisations. We have chat, instant messaging and message boards plus of course private communication between friends.

Anything else Online friendship sites work for some. Our sites are carefully administered with profiles and profile changes checked by human beings, not computers! We're also UK only - no point in a local friend that lives 3,000 miles away. Personal friends are at 4m8sonly

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