Cookie Policy


Firstly, what are Cookies?
A cookie is stored on your computer when you visit a website and is a small text file .

What do they do?
Cookies can do a number of things. They retain any personal preferences you may have chosen. They keep a history of pages you visit on the site. They also enable you to stay connected to the website by way of authentication.

So are they a security problem?
No. They are not a security risk to your computer and we cannot access any personal information that may be stored on it.

So why bother?
As you move around the site the most effective user experience is to allow your computer to know which pages you have viewed etc. We need your consent for cookies and you must agree to this when you join the site.

So what if I change my mind?
You can delete your profile and any things you may have added to the site by selecting this option under 'settings' after you login.

What happens to the cookies you use?
The cookies expire after you have finished using our site, or log out. If you disable them you will not be able to login to 4m8sonly.

You can disable any cookies already stored on your computer by altering the 'cookie settings' in your web browser, but please be aware that doing so may prevent our site from functioning properly.