About us

The idea for this website came from personal experience. I moved with work to a new area leaving behind an established group of friends. I looked on the web but at the time it was all about dating and I couldn't find anything that worked for me.

This gave me the idea to create a friendship only site where members can find local friends online. I wanted a bright, welcoming place which I could trust.

So I made one! Join HERE for FREE.

We use 'validated' friendship links at 4M8sOnly. This means if you send a friends request to another member then get an email to let them know. They have to accept your request and it's then a valid friendship! Next they go in to your friends list and you can contact them personally.

We are all about finding friends online

We dont't do friendship and dating. We are all about friendship only and if you join us you too can search our online friendship site and hopefully find your new friend. Remember it's free to join so there really is nothing to lose!

Local Friends

Online friendship is the new way to find friends but right at the start I decided I didn't want International friends. What I wanted were local friends to go down the pub, or a walk, or a meal or just hang out. It may seem cool having a friend 3,000 miles away but you're not exactly about to meet up on a regular basis!

UK only and Friendship Only - that's the 4M8sOnly difference